LEGO 3641 Fabuland – Car and Camper

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Set Number:3641
Theme:LEGO Fabuland
Release Date:1985
Current Price:

LEGO® Bricks Car and Camper (3641)

This bricks set LEGO 3641 Fabuland - Car and Camper was introduced in 1985 and contains in total 22 pieces. This bricks are intended for LEGO fans aged from . UPC code of this 3641 product is: . You can find more details about 3641 in the specification tab.

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Building Instruction for LEGO 3641 Fabuland - Car and Camper

You can download and print the building instructions for the 3641 set from the official LEGO® website for free. The 3641 instruction will make it easier for you to build this set and will also allow you to check the list of bricks needed to assemble the model. Direct access:

Frequently asked questions

How many lego pieces does LEGO 3641 Fabuland - Car and Camper have?
The Car and Camper set is made of 22 LEGO bricks.

Where can I buy the cheapest 3641 set?
Currently, the lowest price on the LEGO Price Comparison Website –, you can buy the 3641 set for

How much does the LEGO 3641 Fabuland - Car and Camper set cost?
Currently, at the lowest price you can buy LEGO 3641 Fabuland - Car and Camper set for .
The price of 3641 is not equal to the suggested list price of the set and is

What is the MSRP of 3641?
The suggested retail price of 3641 is

Where can I find the instructions for 3641?
You can find the instruction for 3641 on the official LEGO website.



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